Price Match Promise

We try our hardest to ensure we only sell an item at the best possible price. If you do find the same item being sold much cheaper elsewhere, then we offer the following “Price Match Promise”.

At Puffin Clouds, we promise to match the price of any item available on our website with the exact same item available elsewhere. Our “Price Match Promise” is however subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The two items must be exactly the same; this includes colour and model number.
  • The item must be available online and in stock; we do not match with any retail stores.
  • The item must be available to the general public and not through any member type discount only schemes.
  • The price of the item being matched will include all relevant delivery charges and VAT.
  • The item must be brand new, and not a return, reconditioned, second hand, grey import or b-stock
  • The item must not be clearance or being sold at a special sale price (but contact us and we may try to match these prices).

We regret that we cannot match prices for items being sold on auction sites such as eBay and multiple-retailer sites such as Amazon. This is partly down to the number of fake products available on these sites.

For all inquiries relating to our “Price Match Promise”, please use our Contact Us form.

When you are requesting a price match, please can you include the address of the website on which you saw the item available cheaper and any other relevant information.