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Purity manufactures it’s e-liquids in the USA but they are designed and sold exclusively in the United Kingdom. eVo is a sister brand to Purity and is an American-made e-liquid that sells worldwide. Both companies are owned and operated by Nicopure Labs.

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Purity continues to lead the way with products of unmatched quality, and through an unwavering commitment to employees, customers, and the industry. Purity eLiquids and eVo eLiquids are recognised as premium quality brands worldwide.

For more information visit the Purity Corporate website

Visit the Nicopure Labs Corporate website

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Purity (known as Halo in the USA) was founded in 2009. It is among the most respected brands in the industry for their focus on quality and higher standards.

It’s that emphasis on quality and higher standards, that attention to every little detail, that has earned Purity widespread acclaim, a place atop the vaping industry and prestigious awards such as six Choice Awards for Purity E-juice flavours from Spinfuel and the Best Pre-filled E-cigarette and Refillable Tank System from PC Magazine.

At every point, from conception to research and development, to refinement, to production and packaging, Purity’s entire focus is on quality and higher standards.

Before an E-liquid formula is brought to market, Purity commissions an independent lab to assure its customers, in the most transparent way possible, that there is no Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl present. Once it passes this rigorous testing and goes into production, the E-liquid is blended by trained chemists in a clean-room environment at Purity’s state-of-the-art 100,000-square-foot production facility in Gainesville, Florida. The E-liquid is then put through Purity’s proprietary steeping process to allow the ingredients to marry and reach their peak flavor.

Purity’s emphasis on quality and higher standards even extends to its labeling, which is why every E-liquid comes with a Best-By Date and Trackable Lot Numbers to ensure that what you get is at its best.

That’s why you can trust that every bottle of Purity’s premium E-liquid has consistent taste and unmatched quality. It’s what sets Purity apart in a world of pretenders. It’s why Purity is the E-liquid of choice.